Riding Dirt; Again


I dig city and country riding. Everyday errands and jaunts along the ocean, on chaparral fire roads, and on paths come alive on a bike. Mountain biking became huge while I was in college, and I lost many nights sleep over the $250 I would drop on a GT mtb in 1992 – I don’t remember the model. But that was my ride in college.

San Clemente Canyon, which runs East-West from La Jolla to Miramar, was my singletrack fix back then. Its about 12 miles from home, and has some bumps, river rocks, creek crossings, and some nice descents. I finally took the Rawland out for an afternoon and both enjoyed myself, and woke up the next morning with unexpected soreness. Maybe some poison oak, too.




We might not have a forest in the middle of the city, and our native trees aren’t very tall anyway, but we do have a wonderful network of canyons running right through the heart of the city. The canyons are filled with wildlife and chaparral, and a bike ride or a hike can evoke the feeling of separation from urbanity, even as the freeway noise interrupts such thoughts.



  1. Antoine

    Your bike looks fabulous and some nice countryside up there by the look of it.

    I got into mountainbiking about the same time but I’ve got a few years on you.

    You sure do use some extra muscles when riding off-road. I find riding a singlespeed/fixed-gear around town helps with all the standing and moving around on the bike involved.

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