Bay Area Riding


San Diego has some of the best riding in the country, but the Bay Area is different and special. California all-around. My riding included: excursions around the chaparral of Mt. Diablo; up the Oakland/Berkeley hills via Broadway Terrace and Grizzly Peak; up to the east peak of Mt. Tamalpias via the wonderful old railroad grade; and through grasslands and redwoods on a 25 mile loop around Pescadero and San Gregorio.

Mt Diablo holds an enormous array of fire-road possibilities. I explored only the trails around Shell Ridge and the Briones-Mt. Diablo trail:



Grant’s directions: DSC_0068

Grizzly Peak in the Oakland/Berkeley hills:

View from the top of Mt. Tamalpias:

After the ride around Pescadero with my father-in-law:

And a nice ride around Napa:



  1. SDcyclist

    I used to live in San Jose, and I do miss the golden hills and back roads of the Bay area. I wonder if Montery Highway is still a great ride to Gilroy from San Jose?

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