Rivendell Reviving Classic Production Roadbike


Riding a lugged, steel road bike on PCH usually garners comments of “nice commuter” from triathletes training for…well, whatever it is they train for.

Watching Le Tour evokes admiration for cycling technology from even a relative retrogrouch like myself. Nevertheless, news that Rivendell will re-release a classic, lugged, steel road bike is thrilling. A new production model of the classic competition bicycle can perhaps help more people bridge the gap between fast riding and enjoyment – and maybe take the earbuds out long enough to enjoy the sound of wind flapping at your jersey.

“We’re working on sort-of-a-Ramboiullet replacement, but more of a club-riding bike, so even lighter. It will be called one of these: Rodeo…Roadio…Roadeo. And we’ll offer it in your choice of threadless (for most club riders) and threaded (for more traditionalists). No rack braze-ons, light tubes, but still our bike thru & thru, with our lugs, our design and choice of tubing, all that. We’ll have the prototype by late July, and Mark will build it up and ride it, since he was the impetus behind it. “



  1. rb2rider

    Rivendell. Nice. This looks like it’s going to be a sweet ride! Love the line about the fitness riders dropping the “nice commuter” on you.

  2. Esteban

    rb2rider – I think it will be a nice effort. Grant does have some design magic – I’ve test ridden many of the models, and they all have a similar stable, solid feel. I’ve never had that same feel on other bikes. The Kogswell P/R comes close – but its very different. Cool blog!

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