Fun with Brake Levers

I was just looking over some photos from the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show, and noticed an interesting detail on the excellent Rene Herse model that was on display. This bike has Nitto Randonneur handlebars, and uses some kind of fancy STI shifting system, that quite honestly, I’ve never set up and don’t fully understand. Notice the brake cables coming up and over the handlebars under the shellac’d cloth tape. I wonder if you could get the same effect by switching out traditional brake levers to be on the “wrong” side. Left on the right, and vice versa?

Picture 3
Picture 4

One comment

  1. Foon

    Do you mean having the housing on the back side of the handlebar? Those are the shift cable housing. Some integrated shifters have the option of routing them behind the bars. But I like to have both brake and shift housing together in the front.
    If I remember correctly, the shimano levers are symmetrical. You should be able just route the housing on the back side, whether you are switching right to left or not. But I don’t see any advantage to doing that.

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