Last summer, I picked up a Nitto Campee front rack with detachable lowrider mounts at Box Dog Bikes while visiting family in San Francisco. I get a lot of questions about this set-up, and thought I’d post some more detailed photos. Currently, I have the rack on my Nobilette/Rivendell Custom Protovelo, which is my “country bike” and gets use in long distance rides, rambles off road, and camping. The fork is not designed as low trail, but the lowrider rack creates great ride stability when fully loaded for camping:


The rack mounts on cantilever posts and down at the fork eyelets. Here are photos of both models with the lowrider mounts removed. My friend has the model set up for front eyelets on his Black Sheep:



There is a model for rear and front eyelets, and the rack is fully adjustable, with braze on spacers on the bottom and adjustable spacers included:

Its fun to ride with a front load especially if your bike’s made for it. But even if not, the lowrider position adds a lot of stability.


  1. Andrew

    I know this post is nearly a year old, but I’d love to hear how this rack is working out. Lovely photos!

    I’m contemplating a build on the upcoming Rawland rSogn frame and I’d like to use this rack. I don’t think a handlebar bag will be large enough to carry my commuting load (currently using a Carradice Nelson Longflap) so I’ll need panniers. The ‘convertible’ nature of it is appealing to me as well.

    Will the rack work with 650b wheels?

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