Porteur Racks & Kogswell 650B Future

It seems that many of the 2010 factory bikes intended for city riding took the handmade bicycle shows (like the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show, for example) into heavy consideration. Slathered in nice powder coat colors, these bikes look pretty darn sharp, and show that the major manufacturers “get it.”

Porteur bicycles in particular have really taken off, and I think Kogswell and A.N.T. deserve much of the credit. Custom shows often have many examples of utility bicycles with low trail and flat cargo racks ready to haul heavy loads. Some of the early appropriation of the porteur idea left many folks scratching their heads (the Fisher Simple City is a good example). Regardless, the porteur is here to stay.

Now there’s rumor-ish news on the KOG list that the 650B model of the Kogswell P/R will move from Matthew Grim to Anthony at Longleaf Bicycles. There should be an immanent announcement on the Longleaf site – but I think this is very good news for 650B and for Kogswell. I’m not sure how it will shake out, but Matthew has indicated that his interests lie in developing an all-rounder around the 26″ wheel size. Anthony will take over the 650B P/R. Longleaf is a great shop, and they can take the 650B Kogswell to new places.

I added a Pass & Stow rack to my G Kogswell P/R to help with groceries and child hauling. I’ll have more on the rack soon, but for now, here are some photos:



  1. tim

    That is one handsome bicycle.

    I’m looking for a similar rack for a P/R. Is that the standard Pass & Stow rack? Are those wheels 650B? And if so, does the rack sit fairly level?


  2. Esteban

    The P&S is absolutely perfect. Yes, it fits flat, yes, 650B, and yes, the regular rack. I have it on the front fork eyelets. If you’d want to run it on the rear eyelets, you should probably get the “canti” version of the rack with bent supports. But this set-up is perfect.

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