San Diego Tweed Ride Report

Photo by Troppman

On Saturday, December 12, 40 or so riders came out under grey skies and in the rain to participate in our first Tweed Ride. We rode about 14 miles around uptown, through the nieghborhood of South Park, North Park, Normal Heights, University Heights, and Hillcrest. We stopped once at Founders’ Park at 6th and Laurel, at the entrance of Balboa Park where several statues of the city’s founders (Horton, Sessions) stand in their 19th Century garb.

It took San Diego, of all places, to bring out the Tweedish temperatures – rides in London, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, and other cities with more wool-worthy weather could not conjure up appropriate conditions. And those who showed up got a nice dose of the wonders of riding in the rain – in a group, no less.

After the ride, many of us stayed for dinner and drinks at The Station Tavern on 30th Street, which is the greatest street for beer anywhere in the world (aka. The Brewlevard).


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