Back Home

It’s always nice to be home. Southern California has been experiencing some unseasonably warm weather while we were up in the Bay Area. Typically, I like cool weather in the winter, and days in the 70s in January kind of annoy me. But sometimes a bike ride around town when its warm this time of year brings a little smile on my face, especially when remembering my time in graduate school in Western Massachusetts.

Even though I love riding elsewhere to get out of the familiar routes back in San Diego, it is always nice to get back home and appreciate the great riding out one’s doorstep. Unless you’re snowed in.



  1. FOG Lite

    If it makes you appreciate it even more; it is damn cold, the roads are white with salt, and the sun sets around 4:30 back in Western Mass. Ride on.

  2. Seth Vidal

    Dear Southern Californians,
    Please stop talking about your unseasonably warm winter. You will make the rest of the country cry.

    The Rest of Us.

  3. Esteban

    Sorry, fellas. If we move from San Diego, it will be because of the weather – we got spoiled in Western Mass. But then we didn’t have kids, a car, and I was riding only for transportation on my old 3-speed.

    I’ll just shut up now. 🙂

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