Storm Riding

I was sitting in my office, struggling to conjure words on a revise-and-resubmit journal article. The sky darkened, and I knew a major series of storms was coming off the Pacific. I thought I might go for a ride before San Diego and the rest of California was hit hard by this El Niño event. Time for a storm ride.

The Berthouds are newly installed, and the Hetres have already proven their mettle in a few recent rides. I was ready to go. About 8 miles into the ride, by now at the mouth of the San Diego River, the rain started. I love the rain, and riding in the rain, so I began to enjoy it. Then the rain became horizontal. Winds were about 30mph. The ride became less fun as I rode straight into the storm, which was coming from the southwest. I turned around, and with the wind at my back, rode quickly home, mostly out of caution — Southern California drivers have a bad reputation for safety when it comes to storms.

I was soaked through, but it was fun. Storm riding is where its at.



  1. Beany

    I completely agree – riding in the rain is so absurdly fun.

    I was soaked to the bone by the time I got home from work only because I went out of my way to ride through every puddle I could find. The streets were deserted. It was a most perfect ride.

  2. Bryan

    I don’t mind riding in the rain in warmish temperatures, but when it gets cold, nothing beats riding in a snow storm. It’s like riding in the rain without getting wet.

  3. Esteban

    Bryan – I totally agree. Luckily, this storm is coming straight off the eastern Pacific, and not from Alaska. So it hasn’t been too cold – upper 50s to low 60s during the day.

    I loved the snow and hated the rain when I lived in Western Mass.

    Beany – fun, huh?

  4. njinga

    my bike is my transportation. yes its nice to ride in the rain as the hovering lights coalesce below you, in the snow as it crushes under your tires, or in the hottest of hots cause you need to get there. i dont eagerly anticipate or wait. i ride whenever, under any conditions or duress…cause i need to get there.

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