Where Are My Slipper Socks!?

I love Rivendell Bicycle Works for so many reasons. The bikes and designs are great, of course. But Grant and Co. do so much good work and embrace craft and in general run counter to the meanie trends of global capitalism.

Sometimes they offer off-the-wall stuff that they find simple, useful, and made in countries that do not mix unrestricted capitalism with strict authoritarianism. One of these doodads that I recently started using is the Australian-made slipper sock. Here’s what Grant says:

Nobody will buy these for you, because they’ll think you’ll want Uggs if you want slippers at all, and these aren’t that fancy. Tough! They’re easy on-and-off, perfect for hanging out in, retrieving the paper, packing for travel, in camp, in your tent, and even walking down the hall to the hotel vending machine late at night.

They are good. I don’t ride in them, but coming off a cold ride home and while making dinner, they take the cake.


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