Beers with

I had a few beers with my friends who edit Bike San Diego. You might recognize them from Life w/Bicycle and Brown Girl in the Lane. We enjoyed some craft beers, mostly stouts between the three of us (OK, I had 4), and talked about riding, family, books, and culture.

I’m going to start writing a column for Bike San Diego, but I’ve got to figure out a theme, or a position to write about. Without being too narrow, I’d like my contribution to be about the fun aspects of utility riding, which is almost the whole endeavor. We’ll see how it goes.

I then rode home in the rain, part of the way with Beany. She is undeterred, and even thrilled by the rain. I enjoy it too.



  1. Ely

    I wish I could have done that ride, your write up is very nice and your photos are beautiful.
    I was signing people in at the start. There were so many beautiful bikes!

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