Beauty, Bike, & BUST

My flickr friend Meli is featured in the latest issue of BUST magazine. THe photo features her and her bike, a lovely motobecane astra mixte. On her blog, she remarks:

“What makes me happy is the exposure of the bike, the cities we live in and that being dressed ‘normal’ and a woman is no longer that rare. We don’t need crazy get-ups (cute shoes are not consider crazy! he hee), fancy gadgets or man-lead long distance groups, to be part of the bicycle culture. We are here, and we are ready to ride, with our normal clothes and our happy faces.”

Its nice to get some common sense about cycling out there in print media (besides the NYT Style/Bicycle section), and especially in an interesting magazine like BUST.



  1. njinga

    wow look at that girls cool outfit. she is totally styling and can even ride a bike. she must be on lookbook. probably is. i wonder if her bike is listed as an accessory too. cause really its all about the look.

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