Bike Art Fail: Mission Beach

Bicycles have long inspired some beautiful art. Many products sought to associate themselves with the freedom and grace of cycling 100 years ago. With the emergent bicycle culture movement, art is again inspired by the simplicity, effectivity, and sustainability of gliding along on a bicycle. Then came this mural along the boardwalk in Mission Beach:

My friend Gary an I once stared at this and laughed for about a half hour, trying to figure out what went wrong. We figured that the
artist must have painted the bike first, then the head. Hence the strangely haunting long torso, which became necessary to fit the rider to the bike.

I love everything about this mural. I enjoy most thinking about the creative process, and what the artist must have thought when he/she realized just what was going wrong… how to fix it… and that it was acceptable.



  1. Yoshi

    I’ve stared at this thing too (I live in South Mission).
    The odd thing to me is that the leg is too short to complete the pedal stroke.

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