Nervous about Portage

My 4-year-old and I did a grocery run last week to People’s Co-op in Ocean Beach. Its an easy ride of mostly multi-use path, except for the climb back to our apartment.

We did a full week’s worth of groceries. We had a ball. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that we had too much stuff. With a 35 pound kid on her fork-mounted Bobike Mini, and about 40lbs of groceries, I was worried. The bike had no problem… but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to check the Pass & Stow’s attachment points.



  1. Geoff

    wow, time to get a trailer or an xtracycle! or at least a rear rack to redistribute!

    i would just think about the amount of weight on the fork/front wheel/rack combo. if there’s any link in that setup that can’t handle the weight, you’ve got an unhappy crash.

    note: i’m no worry wort, but i have to agree with your concerns on this one.

  2. Ron Hampel

    Yikes, Esteban, that’s a lot of weight!
    I too would be a bit concerned (but not really worried), especially with my child on board. I imagine you were pretty careful, especially to avoid potholes and other jumpy/bumpy obstacles. Imagine (as I’m sure you have) the whole front end folding up after meeting a sharp drop or some other such mishap.

    Still, I’m amazed that you did it.


  3. Esteban

    Geoff – its a low-trail porteur fork meant for heavy loads. I just put a second bolt at the end of the fork crown attachment point just in case!

    Ron – We took it slow… and the Pass & Stow is really solid. I kept most of the weight in the panniers (milk, etc) and the lighter stuff in the Sackville shopper on the top. But I was just careful, and it rode great.

  4. somervillebikes

    i agree with the above poster about distributing some of that load. i usually carry my daughter on a rear-mounted seat (a quick-release kettler) and place all of her preschool baggage (and my work baggage) on the front rack. having her in the back also opens the cockpit up for me!

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