SDCBS 2010 Preview

This weekend, the second annual San Diego Custom Bicycle Show will take place in Mission Valley. The San Diego show brings together framebuilders who have decades of experience and those just starting, along with industry booths and local charities and bicycle shops. It was a great show last year, and this year it promises to be full of lovely machines, nice people, great weather, and lots of community events.

Some highlights:

Swrve clothing will drive down from their small factory in Los Angeles with many of their wares. I was lucky to stop by their operation in LA last month, and I was surprised at what a small operation it is, full of gusto, high quality cycling products, and made right here in the US. I was first skeptical about the jeans I bought, but they have turned out to be perfect for riding and just about everything else. Great people.

Over at the Velo Cult booth, there will be all kinds of vintage bikes for sale and for gawking. Two items will be especially interesting. One is a new collaboration with a framebuilder that I’ll write more about later… maybe after the show. Its a randonneuse and fits Hetres with 60mm Honjo fenders. The other bike that will likely induce drool is Sky’s Nobilette demountable randonneuse. Get a look up close at this bike… the demounting machine work is really quite interesting:

More photos of this bike will pour onto the Internets, I’m sure.

Moth Attack, who will share a booth with Swrve, will be raffling off a frame, with all donations supporting the Encino Velodrome.

*The organizers are considering doing technical trails for next year. If you see any of them, encourage it!

THEN… Sunday morning, I’m helping to organize a little Rivendell/Bob-ish mixed terrain ride. There are two short sections of dirt in the middle of the city. We’ll stop at Velo Cult and Blind Lady, then go down to the show!

For those who want to see the ocean and enjoy a bit more of a ride, we’ll meet at 9am at the Mission Bay Visitors Center and do this loop (San Diego River, Ocean Beach, Sunset Cliffs, Pt. Loma, Downtown) then we’ll pick people up at the train station:

And for those who want to sleep in, and/or just want a token ride to through two token dirt sections in the middle of one of the largest cities in the U.S., meet us at 10ish at the Santa Fe Depot downtown, and we’ll cross downtown up to Balboa Park, through the Haunted Trail along the 163, down the dirt section of Florida Canyon (a bit bumpy, but not bad), up to Velo Cult in South Park, then down 30th St. (“The Brewlevard”) to Blind Lady Ale House for a beer and lunch. Then down to the show:

So, if you want to do 30 miles, meet at 9am at the Mission Bay Visitors Center. For those who want a shorter 15 mile ride, we’ll pick you up at Santa Fe Depot at 10ish.

The ride will be short, prioritize the view, some dirt, a stop at Velo Cult, and a craft beer and pizza, and the show!

That’s all I’ve got for now. Readers can gather their own thoughts and anticipations from the list of exhibitors:

Brian Baylis
Sadilah Handmade Framesets
Ybarrola Bicycles
Joe Bell Bicycle Refinishing
Bohemian Bicycles
Courage Cycles
Townsend Cycles
Bruce Gordon Cycles
Kish Fabrication
Charter Oak Cycling (Bill Rider)
Gallus Cycles
Bill Holland Cycles
Blaze Bicycles
MAP Bicycles
Courage Bicycles
Rebolledo Cycles
YiPsan Bicycles
Winter Bicycles
Vendetta Cycles
Wolfhound Cycles
Lyonsport Custom Frames
Victoria Cycles
Rock Lobster Custom Bicycles
Dan Cunningham Cycles
Keith Anderson
Mark DiNucci
Taylor Bicycles
Ruegamer Sports
Bilenky Cycle Works
Caletti Cycles
Moth Attack
DeSalvo Custom Cycles
Milano Sport
Velo Cult Bicycle Shop
Pacific Coast Cycles
Henry James Bicycles Inc.
Sound Cycles
Adams Avenue Bicycles
San Diego Bicycle Club
Sock Guy
Moment Cycle Sport
SelleLogica Saddles
Far West Milano CC -Vintage Bicycles
AIDS Life Cycle -Ride to end AIDS
Mel Pinto Imports
Nova Cycles Supply
Fit Kit
The Arthritis Foundation
Andy Schwartz
Electra Bicycle Co.
Swrve Cycling
Homebrewed Components

See you there!


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