SDR Rollers to Bonsall 200K 2010

The San Diego Randonneurs Rollers to Bonsall 200K was just that – rollers from Old Town to Bonsall. It was a nice opportunity to suffer through less climbing than is typical of SDR events, and enjoy a whole day on the bike.

Osvaldo and his son setting the pace.

AJ on the upside of a roller

Red light fest - a rare green here.

San Diego has rather dramatic topography for a major U.S. city. Forty miles out and you’re up 7,000 feet. So, SDR events tend to include a lot of climbing over the course of a brevet. Rollers to Bonsall meandered through some very lovely back roads, and covered a good portion of North County:

It looked like there were around 30 riders total. Some randonneurs from Baja joined the ride a little late (traffic at the border is crazy). Do they have a club down there?

The roads through Rancho Santa Fe were lovely. Maybe I’ve spent too much time in the working class neighborhood I grew up in or my little anti-consumerist town in grad school, Northampton, MA… but the degree of consumption on all levels on display among the estates and mansions in the Rancho was difficult to get my head around.

Regardless, we pressed on, made through the horse farms to Bonsall. Most of us ate at McDonalds. I hadn’t been to one of their outlets in a number of years… and despite my food politics, I really, really enjoyed a cheeseburger with fries. Leaving my friend AJ, who was going to sit down and enjoy some time at the control, I headed out toward Oceanside and to the coast via the San Luis Rey River bike path. I took a couple of wrong turns that totaled about 6 miles or so of extra miles, but I was feeling good, so that’s OK!

Nasty and awesome.

Feeling good on the way to Oceanside. Fleet Foxes.

Old reliable.

So true.

I came in just over 10 hours. I felt fine all the way through – with some suffering and exhaustion characterizing a few stretches. The thing with rollers is that you have to earn every mile – no big climbing, but no sweeping descents either where one can tally up the miles coasting. I’m pretty beat typing this now – perhaps more so than the 300K three weeks ago. But some good feelings mix with the exhaustion – happy to be home, eating pizza with the kids in bed.



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    • Esteban

      Yea! Fantastic to meet you. I’ll be in SF for the 300K…. but let’s keep talking about the 400k in Sept. Sounds fun!

      • Errin

        Oh yeah, that’s right. Was that this coming weekend? I’ll be up in Marin for the next two weekends. I’ll check out the route, I wonder if we’ll be on some of the same roads.

        Have a great trip up there.

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  3. cyclingasmetaphor

    Great photos Esteban (especially the sign: I swear, as a randonneur, sometimes the route itself seems to speak to you!) – nice chatting with you briefly at the start as well.

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