+++ Swrve Jeans +++

Nearly all my life, Levi’s jeans have been my defacto uniform. When we were kids, we didn’t ever use the word “jeans” to describe denim – we used the name brand. 501s, the only Levi’s I wear, are cut for panning gold, but perhaps not ideal for riding around doing errands.

I picked up a pair of indigo Swrve jeans several months ago, and find them to be the perfect riding pants. True, you can ride in anything, and one doesn’t need to acquire a she-she “bicycle” wardrobe (and I don’t like doing product reviews!). But if there’s one piece of bicycle-specific clothing that can become essential for utility riding, these are them. There’s a little lycra sewn in with the cotton, and it provides just a little give. They even have a nice little reflective stripe visible when your drive-side pant leg’s rolled up. They’re made in the USA, and for that, are worth every penny.


One comment

  1. meligrosa

    If I ever wear pants sometime in the galactic future, a made-in-theUSA brand like swerve will certainly have my attention. Maybe by then they will make red pants or fluorescent bright green, he heee 😀

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