Grand Bois 38mm Tires On Their Way

At long last, Grand Bois releases their 38mm all-around performance tire. If it feels and lasts like a Hetre, then its a clear winner. Between the venerable and dependable Col de la Vie, the new and well-received Soma B-Line tire, and the high performance Pari-Moto from Pacenti, there are fantastic choices in the “choice” 650B size of around 37-38mm. I must say that I’m very attracted to the tread pattern with those deep grooves and soft-looking rubber.

This reads rather technical, but having ridden plenty of miles on 650B, there is a subtle joy running those size tires on that size wheel. The ride quality can’t be replicated on a 700c wheel with fat tires. That’s fun too, but different. More weight spinning around. So, good news for commuters, mixed terrain riders, les metrics, and randonneurs.

You can read more on Jan’s blog here.



  1. Lee

    At this rate, I’ll never be not poor. I’m going to abuse the credit card once more and put these on my Japanese steel.

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