Color is Nice

I’ve been happily riding my Nobilette-made Protovelo since 2008 in RCP. The RCP was lovely – it had a nice sheen and one could see the brazing details like flame marks and brass fill, and also provided a peek at the tubing manufacturer’s markings:

The RCP was holding up well here in San Diego, which has less rain than other parts of the world, but we get it, and the air is rather salty. This bike was one of the early RCP jobs at Riv, and I’d heard the rust protection wasn’t as good as later examples. But there were no problems – it was solid. There was some flaking of the powder at the droputs, but the rust that developed was purely aesthetic and typical of anyone who changes wheels now and then to fix a flat. I always intended to get color on this bike. It was just a matter of deciding which to get.

Originally, I considered Pea-Sage Green, seriously thought about one-color Navy, and went with chocolate brown and creme accents – as it is a Rivendell after all, if a prototype. The Riv painter does a great job!

It was quite a task for Rivendell folks to track down these decals, as the new Protovelo epigraphs are in Helvetica. We found some in blue, and I really quite like the scheme. While the foppish Riv owner in me might salivate at the thought of running my white Hetres on this, I’m going to go back to black rubber with the Honjos originally on this bike. With Albatross bars pushed all the way down, it will serve as a classy city bike for my new 11 mile each-way commute. Hetres for dirt, though!



  1. Jeremy R

    Looks lovely!! I was wondering if you recall who you spoke with at Rivendell re: the Protovelo decals? I’m on the hunt for some as well, and mailing two people from their website that I thought would be most appropriate hasn’t yielded a response yet. Thanks for any info you can provide, and feel free to email if you prefer.

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