Stay Puft Bicycle Man

The days of Hetres on the Protovelo are numbered. They are a joy to ride, but I’m moving it over to Col de la Vies for an inexpensive performer on commutes for the fall. I look forward to wearing black rubber, for as much as I liked the creme tires with clear powder, the current scheme makes me more foppish than I already am.

This being said, I’ve enjoyed playing Bibendum on this bike.



  1. yoshi

    I think I liked the creme better with the clear frame too. One of my black Hetres is defective and I was thinking of having Jan replace it with a creme one and buying another creme one for my green Sam Hillborne.

    I actually bought some Col de la Vies recently but the first time I tried to mount one it blew off the rim and popped my tube. I didn’t really pay too much attention trying to seat the tire before inflating and maybe that’s what I need to do, but they seem too loose on the rim. Any ideas whether this is normal?

    • Esteban

      I’ve had really good experiences with CdlVs — maybe seat it really carefully. Are you running Velocity Synery rims? Every rim and tire is different.

      I think the black looks good as hell on your SH.

      • yoshi

        Yeah, they’re synergy’s built by Hands on Wheels. The tires are incredibly loose but I guess I should give it another try to see if I can make them work.

      • lmurai

        I got the CdlVs mounted by being really careful about seating the tire.

        Are you just not happy with the color scheme or is there something else about the Hetres that are driving the switch?

        • Esteban

          I love, love the Hetres. Not to big on the creme anymore. For commuting, I’d like a bit more clearance with fenders, as its pretty tight. Plus, they’re cheap and nice. Ready to become a workhorse.

  2. Tim

    Not a fan of my CdlVs. Slow and chunky. Like my Soma Xpresses more, but think I would like the Hetres too. cdlVs not quite soft nor firm enough.

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