Why is GM So Worried about Bicycles?

Because we’re winning.

Too bad they pulled the ad. I take no offense at all. I hope their fearful messages keep coming, because it will be proof that we’re winning!



  1. Will Stoney

    Yes! This Ad was on the back page of the eminent publication the USD Vista and it pissed me off so much I almost emailed the editor until I got caught in the inescapable morass of not really caring that much.

  2. Karen

    I saw a headline yesterday that most new-car buyers are people over 50. I wonder if that means that younger people are opting out of the car culture in greater or numbers or that those over 50 just have more money to spend. In any case, I’ll turn 50 next year and I’m hoping to upgrade my bicycle and hopefully move to a city with great public transit so we can sell our remaining car – perhaps to a person over 50 who can’t afford a new car.

  3. The Velo Hobo

    What a horrible message to send to young people. I’m glad they pulled the ad, but the car crazy culture of young males (I know, I have two of the teenage creatures living in my home and I was one myself many decades ago), lives on. Notice the shamed young person on the bike hiding his face was a male. “You’re just not a real man if you’re not driving a sporty General Motors product. Young women will ridicule you if you’re saving money, protecting the environment and increasing your fitness level.”


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