Riding and Writing


Thoughts from the Home Office: 

Remember Web 2.0? Seemed at the turn of the century that the Internet was moving from a readerly activity to a writerly activity, as user groups matured and blogs, podcasts, and photo sharing made us all authors. Then social media came along, and pretty much stole the thunder of Web 2.0. Rather than writing, people post. Not all is lost – current social media forms are darn fun and deep. But young people generally don’t write on the Internet anymore. I hope more do. 

Regarding this blog, I’ve clearly been lax. I’d like to ride more, and I’d like to write more. I remember when blogs first caught mainstream attention, besides first thinking that they were an experiment in navel gazing (that tide washed over long ago), I recall lots of apologies in blogging about infrequent posting. Blogging is about what the writer wants to write in terms of content and frequency, so apologies are never necessary. But I do know this blog gets a lot of hits – 33K in 11 posts last year. That may not be a lot in the larger scope of things, but its enough for me to maybe start sharing more.

So, here’s to more posts. And more riding. And more photos. Hope this goes better than my 2013 New Year’s Resolution described below, which has yet to pan out.


  1. doug peterson

    You’ve written some interesting stuff. I look forward to more. Maybe head up north a bit from time to time for a ride & content gathering?


  2. meligrosameli

    “Blogging is about what the writer wants to write in terms of content and frequency, so apologies are never necessary.” well said, mi querido esteban =) I feel the same about facebook, many get concerned if i dont log in as frequently, I never apologise for checking it out about 2-3x a month, and sometimes it is overwhelmingly too much. Happy Holiday season to you +tu familia xxomeli

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