Ride Yer Bike to Work in San Diego

Here’s a short video illustrating my usual argument for riding a bike around San Diego rather than driving: its better.

Most people don’t seem to understand how it could be better to ride. Most of the time, it is. The reasons as to why its better are myriad. But mental and physical health seem the most glaring to me.

Every time I drive to work, I arrive bummed out. True, the news that carbon dioxide just hit 400 parts per million in our atmosphere (last time we had that was 6 million years ago) really weighs on me and I feel helpless in our global march toward catastrophe (literally!). When I drive to work – goodness – I really get depressed.

When I ride, I arrive to work with energy and some delight in gliding through a beautiful city. Its easier to forget that we’re permanently altering the climate! I encounter people, say hi, make small talk, maybe even learn something. The rhythm of movement fosters creativity in my thinking.

I only wish the bicycle rider in this little video was on a more sensible bike. But I’ll take what I can get.


  1. Erik

    “I only wish the bicycle rider in this little video was on a more sensible bike. But I’ll take what I can get.”
    I guess sensibility is situational. I too ride a more “sensible” bike now, but for 14 years I grabbed my racing bike (being a competitor at the time, that’s what I had, and rode), threw a backpack on (at the time it was perfectly comfortable), and rode 15-20 miles to and from work.

  2. Dylan

    Much respect for those bike commuting in SD. I lived just north of SD for the last six months, and the drivers were typically extremely aggressive and often hostile towards me when I was bike commuting. Some areas are better than others; I was not living in a better area. The nice weather is overshadowed by danger, and I often chose to walk when I had time. I’ve since moved to the pacific northwest. I’ll take wearing a raincoat and mittens over people taking shots at my life any day. The atmosphere is unbelievably more friendly to those choosing to get around the right way.

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